Photos of me through my life.....

Here are some photos of me at various stages in my life. This could be good blackmail stuff. And it goes to show just how vain I am to put this up here. Sigh.

Oh, if you really want to see larger versions of the pictures below, just click on them.

Kirk at 2 months old

Here I am at one day shy of 2 months old, on April 5, 1952.

Kirk at 3 years old

Here I'm 3 years old - 1955.

Kirk in the 1st Grade

Me in 1st Grade - 1959

Kirk as a boy scout

Here I'm a boy scout (believe it or not) in about 1965 - 13 years old or so.

Kirk at his Junior Prom

My Junior Prom, 1969 - 17 years old. YIKES! Look at that suit....

Kirk at 23 years old

Here I'm 23 years old - I've been lifting weights - 1975.

Kirk at 27 years old

Here I am with my friend, Jacques,
in Greece, I think. 1980 - 28 years old.

Kirk at 33 years old

I'm in a play at the Webber-Douglas Academy in London - 1985 - 33 years old. And the hair was dyed for the part.

Kirk at 35 years old

Flying in the European Hot Air Airship Championships - about 1988 - 36 years old. Aslo seen is my crew chief and great friend, Tony Pritchard.

Kirk at 46 years old

This is a passport shot made when I was 46 years old, in 1998.

Photo of Kirk and Steve in 2001

Here I am, shaved head and all, with Kozen in 2001 - age 49.

Kirk at 55 years old

And here I am in 2007 at the age of 55.

And the times, they are a'changing.......