My Celtic Studies Masters Degree Work

University of Wales
Trinity St. David

To earn a Masters Degree in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales Trinity St. David, I am able to work mostly on-line. I need to complete 120 credits in the 'taught' courses (of 20 credits each) which require the completion of at least one 5000 word essay per course. After this is completed, then a 20,000 word dissertation is to be written, worth 60 credits.

The marking system is very different from what I have been used to in the past. At the University, a mark of 70% or over is distinction level (usually with a top possible grade of 74%), with 40-69% needed for a passing grade and 39% or lower a failing grade. A couple of my professors told me that they never give a mark higher than 75%.

My coursework

I have decided to take the following courses. I have also been asked by the University to remove the links to the papers, and the papers themselves, from my website. It hadn't occurred to me, but there is some fear that future students might be tempted to plagerize bits of them, and this could be a valid concern.

Study and Research Methodology (required for all students - I received a total mark of 69%)

Dead Virgins: Feminine Sanctity in Medieval Wales

I received a 72% and a 68% for this course, making it a final mark of 70%.

I received a 68% for this course.

Camu at y Gymraeg

This is a beginner's Welsh language course. I spent two weeks in Lampeter taking the oral part of this course in June, 2006, and then went home to complete the workbook with 16 assignments over the course of almost a year. As these assignments are proprietary, I won't be posting them here.

I received a mark of 63% for this course.

The Celtic Arthur

I received a mark of 68% for this course.

Y Mabinogi

I received a mark of 68% for this course.

The Celts: Origins to Modern Era

I received a mark of 71% for this course.

Dissertation (Thesis)

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