My Clergy Training Work

The Clergy Training Program/
Generalists Study Program

The Generalist Study Program (GSP) is something like a liberal arts degree in college. It is focused more on academic or intellectual skills rather than spiritual or pastoral. It was created for folks who wanted this intellectual foundation as well as to provide core courses for the Guilds and Clergy Council to draw upon. As such, the First Circle of the GSP is also the First Circle of the Clergy Training Program (CTP). Once we get to the Second Circle of the CTP, it is no longer the same as the GSP.

Becoming an ADF Priest

There are two levels of Priesthood in ADF. They are the Consecrated Priest and the Ordained Priest. All ADF Priests are empowered to perform weddings and handfastings. There is also a new initiatory current being created in ADF, through the Initiate's Program. This uses courses from the Clergy Training Program, so anyone who completes the CTP (plus the currently optional course, Trance 2) will be able to apply to become an Initiate as well.

All candidates for any ADF study program, including Clergy, must complete the ADF Dedicant Path. Once this has been done, there are two main routes for someone to take to become an ADF Consecrated Priest. Either the candidate must serve as a Senior Druid for a minimum of two years for a grove of at least 9 members (who have also been ADF members for two years), or they must complete the First Circle of the CTP (plus "Law and the Church" from the Second Circle). While the Senior Druid route seems simple, it is actually quite difficult. In any case, all Consecrated Priests have three years to complete each Circle of the Clergy Training Program.

Below are the courses in the program and the ones that I have completed are linked to the work. I was the first person to complete the First and Second Circles of the Clergy Training Program. I have also completed the ADF Initiates Program and received my initiation at Tredara in October, 2009.

The courses followed by a * are the courses in the Initiate Program.

Clergy Training Program Requirements

Vocational Essay. Answer the following questions about why you desire to become an ADF Priest. This essay should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

First Circle

  1. Indo-European Studies 1*
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Research and Composition
  4. Liturgy 1*
  5. History of NeoPaganism and Druidry
  6. Indo-European Language 1*
  7. Indo-European Mythology 1*
  8. Nature Awareness
  9. General Bardic Studies 1* (The Exit Standards have been changed since I wrote this)
  10. Divination 1* (the Exit Standards have been changed since I wrote this one, too.)
  11. Magic 1*

Upon completion of the GSP and the "Law and the Church" course, students will be eligible to become Consecrated Priests.

Second Circle

  1. Law and the Church
  2. IE Studies 2
  3. IE Mythology 2
  4. ADF Structure, Customs and Policy
  5. Bardic Studies for Liturgists
  6. Trance 1*
  7. Ethics 1
  8. Liturgical Writing 1
  9. Liturgy Practicum 1
  10. Divination 2*
  11. Magic 2*
  12. Leadership Development 1
  13. Optional Courses
    1. Trance 2*
    2. Professional Helping Skills 1

Third Circle

  1. Liturgical Writing 2
  2. Liturgy Practicum 2: Small Group Practice
  3. Special Occasion Rituals
  4. Ethics 2 - Under Review
  5. Crisis Response
  6. Leadership Development 2
  7. Theatre for Ritual 1
    1. Audio and Video Clips
  8. Optional courses
    1. Trance 2*
    2. Nature Awareness 2
    3. Professional Helping Skills 2
    4. Teaching Ritual Performance
    5. Theatre and Ritual 2

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