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photo-Kirk singingThe Bardic Arts

The bardic arts are usually considered to be poetry, music, storytelling and satire. Currently, in ADF, these are the branches and sub-branches of the Bardic Guild's study program. I've tried my hand at all of them.

I have written poetry when writing invocations and chants, and sometimes even for no reason other than my own enjoyment. I don't play any musical instruments but I do sing, and take great pleasure in it. For my Grove, I have told the story of the myth of the High Day at many a ritual, and I've even written the odd gentle satire, usually in the form of a filked song (which means that I take a tune and re-write the words).

The bardic arts are also very important in the creation of good ritual. Spoken invocations work well when done in a poetic way, and poetry also makes good praise offerings. The singing of chants and songs create unity among the participants at a rite and can carry a ritual along very well, and the telling of tales is a great way of teaching the lore.

Bardic examples

I'm ranked in the lowest level of the current ADF Bardic Guild Study Program as a musician. One of the things I had to do was sing a bunch of chants - here is the link to the ADF chants I sang!

Below are examples of my work. There are poems, invocations, prayers, songs, chants and satire!


Songs and Chants


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