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Oak Leaves and Other ADF Publications

For the last few years I've been submitting articles about scholarship as well as heart and spirit to the ADF Journal, Oak Leaves. After future ones have been published, I will be putting them on this page as well. Included here are also articles I've written for other ADF publications, such as the Grove Organizers Handbook or the newest version of the Dedicant Path booklet.

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An Act of Piety - In the summer of 2008, I brought a stone column and steel wheel to Brushwood to build an altar for Taranis.

Magical Healing: A Personal Journey - This article details some healing work I did for a friend with cancer.

The Nature of Sacrifice - This is a scholarly article about sacrifice, how it was used in ancient times and what it offers to us today.

ADF Cosmology and Sacrifice - This is an article I wrote for the 2008 version of the ADF Dedicant Path booklet.

A Druid Baptism? - This is about an unexpected Pagan baptism I gave myself in Wales in the summer of 2006.

*Ghosti- As A Cheer - The Proto-Indo-European word for, among other things, hospitality, becomes a Grove cheer.

Iron Age Ritual Murder - This was written for my MA, and is a review of the book, Dying for the Gods, by Miranda Green, about Iron Age human sacrifice.

A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry Into Polytheism - This review of John Michael Greer's book did not get into Oak Leaves. Someone else beat me to it!

The New Grange Spirals - this is an article I did on the triple spiral from Newgrange in Ireland that I use as my personal symbol, as in the logo above. It appeared in Oak Leaves issue no. 32, Spring 2006.

Make Offerings, Dammit! - Just a little note to folks on creating relationships with the Powers.

Loss and a Loved One - I wrote this article shortly after my Aunt Claire died.

Living in Surrender - Just a bit of my philosophy!

Creating a Permanent Nemeton - This was written for the ADF Grove Organizers Handbook back in 2005.

A Walk in the Desert - This is my story of spending a week in the desert with a Yaqui Shaman in 2002. I don't think this one was in Oak Leaves.

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