Eight Winds Festival 2013
Druidry at the base of Mt. Adams


Class Descriptions and Presenter Bios

Photo of John AdelmannJohn "Fox" Adelmann

To Grasp At Radiance: The Magic & Myth of Sacred Fire
Sacred fire is central to Druid ritual.  It is so familiar to us all that we barely give it a thought.  However, the lore and magical properties of fire as our ancestors saw it is largely absent from modern Neopaganism.  This workhshop is the result of an intensive study to recover and reintroduce Indo-European Fire Lore for practical and theological use today.  It will include a survey across cultures of the historic role of fire in mythology, ritual and divinity as well as practical discussion of applications for the lore in ritual and personal practice for today.

Bio:  Rev. John "Fox" Adelmann is the founder and former Senior Druid of Shining Lakes Grove, ADF in Ann Arbor, MI.  He was the first graduate of the original ADF clergy training program, ordained as ADF's first priest in 1994, served as President of ADF and was the first elected Archdruid.  He now serves in the role of Archdruid Emeritus.  He lives in Michigan, works professionally as an engineer in the auto industry and as an organic farmer.

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Photo of Phaedra BonewitsPhaedra Bonewits

The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

Volunteer organizations don't run without that most elusive of unicorns, the volunteer. In this workshop, we'll discuss how to effectively recruit volunteers, ways to help them do a good job, and strategies to keep them coming back for more. Bring your own ideas and success stories!




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Ian Corrigan and Liafal

Druidic Enchantment - Using Our Druidry for Spellcraft and Spirit Contact

While our work was designed for group ritual and village religion, it is based on classical principles of magic and esoteric work that allow it to be adapted in various ways for personal practical magic. This workshop will attempt to boil down a large subject into a focused method by which we can adapt the Order of Ritual for simple personal rites. Topics include the relationship between high ritual and personal adaptation, adapting traditional spell formats to our ritual forms, and the value of folkloric and more traditionally 'occult' sources to our reconstruction. The handout will include a mini-grimoire of simple rites and charms.

Photo of LiafalBio: Liafal, M. Ed, is an Ordained Priest of ADF and an Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF's oldest congregation. She has been Member's Advocate and Vice-Archdruid of Ar nDraiocht Fein, and a past officer of the Ohio local Covenant of the Goddess. She has been a major organizing force behind public Paganism in the greater Cleveland area for the last 25 years. She is a Starwood Festival organizer, responsible for much of the development of the Children's Programming.

Photo of Ian CorriganBio: Ian Corrigan (Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham) has been a teacher, writer, singer and ritualist in the Pagan movement for 30 years. Ian is a former Archdruid and Director of ADF, and is a Senior Priest of its Clergy Order. A founding member and Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF's oldest congregation, he is author of several books on Celtic Paganism, including: Sacred Fire, Holy Well - A Druid's Grimoire; The Book of Summoning and The Book of Visions. A bard of the modern Pagan movement, Ian sings the music of the British Isles and Neo- Paganism, and his ritual music and poetry have delighted audiences at Pagan festivals across the U.S.A. and Canada.




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Photo of Michael DanglerMichael J Dangler

From Myth to Ritual: Crafting Meaningful Rites From Myths and Stories

Myth and ritual are intimately connected: the two forms of remembrance and enacting compliment each other and deepen our connections with the cosmos around us. Yet we often have difficulty with connecting the two in a meaningful way: in modern Paganism, we typically begin with a ritual structure and move toward the myth, rather than the other way around.

The workshop will focus deeply on the ways ritual and myth are connected, as well as ways to creatively weave and tell a story through ritual actions and phrasing. We will examine strategies to begin with the myth and work our way into a ritual structure that has both meaning and depth for the participants.

We will outline a couple of myths as candidates for the process, and brainstorm on how to create an ADF Core Order of Ritual outline for translation, so consider bringing a myth to share!

Bio: Rev. Michael J Dangler has been an ADF member for 11 years. He is currently the Past Senior Druid and Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, in Columbus, OH, and some of his work appears in the ADF Dedicant Path. He completed his Dedicant Path in May of 2003, became an ADF Priest in 2006, and currently works as Clergy Council Preceptor. He also provides services and ritual items through a shop in Columbus, OH, called The Magical Druid. If you see him before or after the workshop, go talk to him: we bet he thinks you're pretty cool and definitely interesting.

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Photo of Jen HooverJen Hoover

Natural Dyes

In this workshop, participants will learn about some of the dyestuffs used traditionally in Indo-European cultures, dye plants native or naturalized to the western US, and basic techniques of using natural materials to dye fabric and yarn. We'll explore possible ways to use natural dyes in spiritual work, and we'll also try out a few natural dyes to create colorful cloth ribbons. All the dyes used in this workshop will be food-safe, so children are welcome to participate.

Bio: Jen has been an ADF member since 2002, and is a founding member of Sierra Madrone Grove. She spins, weaves, knits, and just in general loves to play with string. For the past several years, she has been exploring the mythic dimensions of fiber arts by combining hands-on, technical craft knowledge with scholarly research.


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Photo of Caryn MacLuanCaryn MacLuan

Connecting with the Gods

One of the greatest services we can provide to our fellow pagans is to help them find ways to connect with the gods on a personal level.  In my many years as a leader, I have seen those who have the connection and for whom there is simply no doubt this is real.  There are also those who have a strong belief but have not yet made a personal connection.  The thing we can do which, in my experience, helps the most and is repeatable with different groups is to provide trance/journey work to meet the gods and ask them what they want from us as a praise offering  in conjunction with our regular high rite celebrations.  In this workshop, we will be journeying to meet the deities of the occasion to introduce ourselves to them and ask them what they want from us.

Bio: Rev Caryn MacLuan is a retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer who has been a pagan for over 38 years, a member of ADF for 14 years, a senior druid or other officer of CedarLight Grove, the Chair of the Grove Coordinating Committee and an ADF Priest for much of that time.  She is a Master Herbalist, Reiki Master and is currently working on a graduate certificate in herbal studies and the ADF clergy training program.


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Photo of Carrion MannCarrion Mann

Working From Within the Veil
A synthesis of ancient practice and modern experience that focuses on the transitions of life and death.  If you have feared death and dying or are intrigued by this unavoidable journey of the human condition, join me as we explore these transitions and effective techniques for working from with in the veil.

Bio: Carrion is an ordained ADF Priest and the Senior Druid and Chief Liturgist of Whispering Lake Grove.   She has been a member of ADF since 2001 and has served the folk of ADF in a variety of capacities over the years to include: Liturgist Guild Chief and Scribe, Chief of Clann na Gael, Deputy Preceptor, reviewer and mentor. Additionally, she is one of the coordinators of Summerland Festival.  Carrion has extensive experience working for and with the Dead and has presented numerous workshops relevant to this practice.


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photo of DrumJean Pagano

Briatharogam - Further Insights Into the Ogham

Bríatharogam, the kennings associated with the ogham, namely the Bríatharogam of Morainn mac Moin, the Bríatharogam of Mac in d'Oc, and the Bríatharogam of Cu Cuchulaiin, will be discussed and compared for the first twenty ogham. Some alternate workings with ogham will also be presented.

Bio: Rev. Jean Pagano has been an ADF member since 1984. He became and Ordained Priest at the Taranis Deluge of 2011; a Consecrated Priest at Wellspring 2012; and a Senior Priest at Wellspring 2013. He became an Initiate in 2012, and has authored a number of poems and articles for Oak Leaves. He is the author of "Arise from Vapours", a book of Poetry, and is an ADF Master Bard. He is a Dedicant Program Reviewer, and a reviewer for the GSP, IP, and CTP. He is the current Vice Arch Druid.

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Photo of B-J RogersB-J Rogers

Being Stewards of the Earth

The presentation will be a dialog on how we, as modern Druids, can help to become stewards of our Earth, no matter our location or financial situation, to include global and local effects of human trash, the consumer waste stream itself (manufacturing to purchase to use to refuse), and landfills and what really happens to our trash.  It will address the three Rs: reduce - ways that we can make conscientious decisions on what and how we consume; Reuse - presenting the concept of re-purposing, ideas on ways to get the most out of what we have already purchased; Recycle - what can and cannot be recycled, the impacts of recycling on the consumer stream, and practical ways we may each do our part.


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