My Dedicant Program Work, circa 2002


The following is from my Journal, dated October 21, 2001.

Tonight I did the rite of Installing my Patrons! I started with a short meditation of counting the breaths to get centered, and then proceeded with the ritual. When it came time to do the 2 Currents meditation, the powers flowed freely and clearly! And I could feel a tingle as the powers flowed through me. For the Patron Offerings the instructions weren't too clear. So I sat quietly and envisioned the temple by the forest's edge again, and saw the altar with the sacred flame on it and the 3 blossoms on the altar not being consumed by the flame. And the statues of Rhiannon and Cernunnos were in their niches by the temple door, with Rhiannon on the left. So I stood up and visualized taking the statue of Rhiannon down from the niche and then I carried it 3 times around my real-time altar, seeing the altar by the temple, with its flaming center, superimposed on top of my real-time altar. Then I put the statue down on the altar(s) and spoke the oath and made the sacrifice. And then I did the same with the statue of Cernunnos. At all times I could see the two statues and the flaming altar clearly over my real-time altar. And as I spoke the oaths to my Gods, the statues seemed to come alive.

For the oracle I used my Druid Animal Oracle cards. I used the Awen Spread that represents the “flowing spirit”. The cards are laid out in 3 rows with 3 cards in each row. The cards in each row symbolize (from left to right) the past, present and future. And the rows represent (from top to bottom) 1) the guiding ideas, causes, impulses or dynamics, 2) the emotional effects and 3) the physical manifestation. The cards that came up were (first row) Sow (reversed), Eagle (reversed) and Horse. Second row, Otter (reversed) Bear (reversed) and Adder (reversed) and the third row had the Seal, Salmon and Wren.

What this means is that I came from a need to change myself to understand the subtleties of life, and now I needed to guard against over-intellectualizing everything and continue trying to find my inner, emotional truth and in the future will journey in the inner realms and become comfortable with every aspect of the life cycle. I may also travel a lot.

On an emotional level I was going against the flow out of fear. Now I seem to have lost my direction and this period of deconstruction should lead to something better. In the future I also have to let go of poisonous feelings and thoughts and instead replace them with healing emotions.

On the level of physical manifestation I'm coming from a place of hearing the frightening call of the unconscious and now I am finding wisdom through openness and a sense of innocence. In the future I will glimpse the beauty of Goddess or God learning that self-realization lies in humility, gentleness and subtlety.

Then later, after the Oracle, came the meditation. I sat quietly and listened to the voices of my Goddess and God.

Rhiannon told me to hold her first of all, above the other Gods, and she would give me comfort, wisdom and power. Cernunnos, however, reminded me that He was not only a sexual God, but also the God of the Cull and that I had to learn to shed parts of myself. I should offer Him my semen when I can, but to please Him I should learn to like ale! They were both very real to me.

The ritual was a very powerful one for me, and I'm also pleased to finally have my Matron and Patron clear in my heart.