My Dedicant Program Work, circa 2002


In meditations over the last year, as mentioned in my Journal, the same Gods tended to come up or appear to me, primarily Rhiannon and Cernunnos. While I refused to commit to them until after doing the trance to discover my Patrons, I had a feeling all along that they would be the ones. The following is from my Journal dated October 21, 2001.

Today being a Druid Moon, I determined to do a Simple Rite of Offering and the trance to discover my Patrons. Tonight, I hope to install my Patrons.

I began with my “Counting the Breaths” meditation of 9 x 9 (nine complete breaths as a set and nine sets of breaths) and found my center and silence. Then I started the rite. When the meditation time came, I sat quietly and counted three complete breaths to re-center, and then switched on the tape describing the trance journey that I had made earlier.

The plain, when I drifted down there, was like scrub land, with some grass and small bushes, but essentially arid. The sky, though, was near or at sunset or sunrise, with the dark clouds streaked with bright red. The walk down the pillared avenue to the temple happened in subdued light. The three blossoms that I picked were desert-like, such as we see here in Arizona. They were small, and yellow or purple. The flame on the altar was almost translucent and I could see that the blossoms were untouched. Inside the temple were all sorts of statues but I only saw some of them clearly. One was a shela-na-gig, and I saw Manawyddin, Cernunnos, Rhiannon, the Morrigan, Mabon and Brigid for sure.

I chose Rhiannon and Cernunnos.

Rhiannon was astride her pony in the statue, and Cernunnos resembled the image on the famous cut, only this image had a pronounced erection.

When I took the statues outside to place them in the niches, I saw that there were many niches on either side of the doors, and in two rows, one above the other. Obviously, one can have more than two Patrons.

I placed Cernunnos in the niche to the right of the door and then Rhiannon in the niche to the left of the door.

Back at the altar fire I opened to my Patrons and felt them speak to me. Cernunnos told me I was screwed up sexually and that He would continue to help me in that regard if I continued to honor him. Rhiannon said that she would give me strength and clarity and comfort. But I must hold her in the highest honor of all. Cernunnos chuckled at this.

Then it was time to go and the mists enveloped me and I returned to normal space and time.