My Dedicant Program Work, circa 2002


Taken from my Journal entry of October 2, 2001

Tonight I did my ADF Dedicant's Oath Rite! I performed it naked outside, and had a nice fire. The ritual went well, as did most of the meditations and visualizations. I did the “Counting the Breaths” meditation to start, and then did a very vivid “Two Currents” meditation early in the rite. I'm getting much better at this!

When I opened the Gates, I clearly saw them open , and managed (most of the time) to keep them open in my mind. While I sang “Gatekeeper Open The Portals” it seemed that I actually could hear my words echo in the well and fire! And when I invoked the Dead, Spirits and Gods I actually saw them clearly in my mind's eye, and when I meditated on them all after invoking them, many of them had messages for me.

Rhiannon offered me comfort and support, Cernunnos offered His laughter and joy, and the Morrigan told me, “It's not over yet.” I guess She was referring to terrorism. Even Lugh (or Llew) showed up and offered me light and wisdom. Then Aunt Joy offered her help in meditation, Catrina offered her support, and Lady Wax (the nature spirit I met once) promised ecstasy. My totem animal, the black panther, put his head on my knee, looked me in the eyes and purred. All this in response to my oath rite. When I sang “Hail All The Gods” I could clearly hear the echo in the well and fire, and I could see the kindreds crowding in around my fire. My concentration was broken during the blessing of my chalice, but I managed to bring it back again to finish the rite. The offerings of hair and semen went well, but the self piercing didn't draw much blood and I had to squeeze some drops out to put on the paper and offer it to the fire.

And I blessed and anointed my ring! It is now officially my token. Woof!

Over all, I was pleased with the rite and look forward to discovering my Patrons and honoring them in their installation rite.

For the Oracle I used the triparte spread of the Druid Animal Oracle. The first card, representing where I'm coming from, was the Stag. This means it is auspicious for new beginnings. Also, I will be able to add dignity, power, grace and integrity to my sexual life. The second card, representing the first card's effect in the social, relationship level was the Hawk reversed. This says I am paying too much attention to detail and tending to miss the wider view. I must beware not to get carried away by the justness of my cause. The last card, representing my impulse's effect in the physical world, was the Blackbird. This card represents my spiritual journey as Blackbird calls me at twilight, showing me the path to the Otherworld. He leads me to discover healing and new depths in my soul.