My Dedicant Program Work, circa 2002

My Home Shrine

I keep my shrine currently on a small table in the bedroom. It faces east at a sliding glass door, so the sun rises over it. There is a black silk cloth on the table with a pattern of gold crescent moons and stars woven into it.

In the center at the back of the table is a piece of wood carved to resemble a tree stump – and behind this is a small wand - this is my tree or staff. On and around the stump are three white votive candles (my flame or fire). In front of it is a small dish of salt. To the tree's immediate left is a bell and a striker, a small plastic egg I received at last year's Ostara ritual and a tall, red votive candle I use when blessing the house during my nightly devotionals. On the right rear of the altar table is my censor, with sand in it, for holding either stick incense or charcoal pieces for burning powered incense. On the left rear of the altar is a metal silhouette of the God Pan, representing my primal, animal nature. This could change when I find something more appropriate to my Irish-Welsh pantheon.

In front there is a cauldron for my well and a glass chalice for making offerings. On the left end of the altar is a notebook where I keep the copies of the rituals I perform. There is also a candle-snuffer on the altar. On the floor is a larger cauldron for receiving offerings.

Taped to the glass door behind the altar are pictures of Gods that I got out of the book, “Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses” by R.J. Stuart. The Gods I have are Blodeuwedd, Cernunnos, Brigit, the Mabon, Cuchulainn, Taranis, Rhiannon, the Morrigan and Manannan mac Lir (Manawyddan).

In the drawer of the altar table is extra incense and matches, my journal notebook and my animal divination cards (as well as a tarot deck).

I do my meditation while sitting on the floor near my shrine.

My partner and I have also built a stone circle about 27 feet wide (inside) surrounded by 12 large stones with an altar, oak tree, well and fire pit inside. There are 8 gas torches with the stones and all are lit for evening use. Currently there is a shrine east of the circle dedicated to Brigit, a shrine to the west dedicated to Cernunnos and an image of Rhiannon in front of the altar. The Circle is a very powerful place and good for meditations and rituals. It was consecrated on Feb. 1, 2002 and used for a large Imbolc ritual the next day. We call the place the Summerlands Stone Circle.

I am also aware that my shrines will grow and change as my learning and understanding grows and changes!