My Dedicant Program Work, circa 2002

The Two Powers

The Two Powers (or Two Currents) are the powers of the earth and the sky. From the earth we get the dark waters of chaos and potential and from the skies we get the light of inspiration and order and completion. When these two powers are mixed, as in the Two Currents meditation, power happens. The current of potential only needs the current of inspiration and order to be able to create magical power.

The meditation to combine these powers is quite simple. The student, in his mind, sees roots form at the base of his feet which grow down through the earth until they find a cavern with the cauldron of dark waters within it. The roots enter the waters and the waters are drawn up to fill first the body's cauldron of the groin, overflowing and filling up to the cauldron of the heart, overflowing and filling up to the cauldron of the head. From there the dark waters fountain out of the head and down onto the earth again, creating a cycle. Then the student sees light from the sky, such as from a star or sun or moon, shine down upon his head. While the dark waters are flowing through his body, the light of the sky is filling him from the head down, warming the waters. As these waters warm, a mist can arise which may be used for various purposes.

First and foremost, these two powers help me by charging my mind and spirit. Once I have achieved balance and silence in meditation, this meditation can fill the silence inside me with power. The mist created by the mixing can be used to “feed” the Gods and spirits when they come during meditation, and the mist is also a gateway in trance journeys to the otherworld.

In Ritual, this meditation creating the Two Powers is useful for centering the participants and giving the rite power to achieve its ends, from opening the gates to working magic.

For me, this meditation has helped me immeasurably in learning visualization. Not only do I see the two currents when they flow within me, but I also feel them. I can feel the energy pulsing in me, especially in my solitary practices and rituals. But I can also feel them intermittently in public ritual as well (I'm working on keeping my concentration focused with all those public distractions). They open me up and allow me to see the Gods and spirits, who otherwise would be opaque to me. The discovery of the two currents is probably the most important thing that I have learned so far in my ADF studies!

These 2 Currents are the stuff that magic is made of! Without it, all is show and theatre, and nothing can be accomplished. These two currents are the basis of all our magical and ritual workings. They are the foundation upon which everything we do is created, and gives us the ability to speak with the Gods and spirits, work magic, and affect the universe.