Theatre For Ritual 1 - Audio and Video Clips

Question #7: Write a Statement of Purpose for a rite of your choosing and one invitation for each of the Three Kindreds. Submit a video (of no more than ten minutes of total length) of your performance of all four pieces.

a. Land Spirits Invocation


The Children of Earth call out to all those Spirits who share this world with us.

We call to the Spirits of Motion You who crawl, who run, who swim, who fly.

We call to the Spirits of Place You trees, You rock, You plants.

We call to the Spirits under the Mound You cousins of the Gods, You mightiest spirits of the Midworld. We call to our Spirit Allies You who aid and guide us in our work.

Noble Ones! Come to us, we pray!

Let the Waters of the Earth our Mother rise up and guide you with its gurgling voice and quench Your thirst.

Let the Light of the Heavens, burning in our Fire, guide You with its glow and give you warmth.

Join us, and renew the Old Bargain,
Let there be peace between us,
And let all prosper in our warm friendship.

Land Spirits, accept our sacrifice!

(Seed and grain are offered to the bowl)

Close your eyes, Children of Earth. See the Land Spirits as they approach, their strange faces turning our way. Hear them as they crawl, swim, and fly to us here. Feel the wonder in their hearts.


Land Spirits, we welcome you.