Theatre For Ritual 1 - Audio and Video Clips

The CTP3 course, Theatre for Ritual 1, requires that the student submit three audio clips (for question #6) and four video clips (for question #7). Below are the links for those clips.

Question #6: Explain how you would prepare three of the following pieces for public performance, and include an audio or video clip of your performance of each. (50 words min. each explanation)

c. Complex Thought with Complex Meter: Selection from Hamlet by W. Shakespeare

d. Prose: Selection from Skaldskaparmal in the Prose Edda

e. Strong Meter and Strong Rhyme: Excerpt from The Raven by E.A. Poe

Question #7: Write a Statement of Purpose for a rite of your choosing and one invitation for each of the Three Kindreds. Submit a video (of no more than ten minutes of total length) of your performance of all four pieces.

a. Statement of Purpose

b. Ancestors Invocation

c. Land Spirits Invocation

c. Gods and Goddesses Invocation