Theatre For Ritual 1 - Audio and Video Clips

Question #7: Write a Statement of Purpose for a rite of your choosing and one invitation for each of the Three Kindreds. Submit a video (of no more than ten minutes of total length) of your performance of all four pieces.

a. Ancestors Invocation


The Children of Earth call out to our human kin who came before.

We call to our Ancestors of blood Without you we would not be here. You are our parents and grandparents, from all generations.

We call to our Ancestors of heart you whom we have loved and lost, and whom we hold dear in our lives.

We call to the Ancient Wise you Mighty Dead of fame and skill who smile upon us and aid our ways.

Mighty Ones! Come to us, we pray!

Rise though the Waters of the Earth our Mother and join us at the Well.

Bask once again in the heat of our Fire as in elder days.

Join us, and whisper true wisdom in our ears, that we may shape our lives.
Let there be peace between us,
Let all prosper in our warm friendship.

Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!

(Beer is poured out at the Well)

Close your eyes, Children of Earth. See our Ancestors as they come to the Well. Hear their whispers and feel the love they have for us.


Ancestors, we welcome you.